Complex real estate projects require smart management.

Ideas for start-up

Recognizing opportunities

DIAL INVEST gives startups and growth-phase companies a stage to develop or optimize new technology solutions in real estate. It is not the size of the company that matters, but rather the size of the vision. DIAL INVEST works with founders as well as with established entrepreneurs who want to grow and appreciate a sparring partner for future business development. The focus is on the real estate sector and the topic of sustainability.

Support of Proptechs & Co

The digitalization of the real estate industry has not only been on the rise since the Corona pandemic. Property technology companies have already grown considerably in importance in recent years. Processes can be made simpler through digital solutions and costs can be reduced as a result. This also applies to project planning and the construction process: Digital solutions create transparency here. They also ensure the automatic documentation of complex interrelationships and contribute to better traceability for all parties involved.

Utilizing contacts

Are you looking for an investor for your groundbreaking technology development in the real estate sector or would you like advice on the ideal further development of your business idea?